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  • About transportation

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  • About delivery

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  • Can you produce according to customer requirements?

    Yes, we have a professional technical team and a mature and stable mirror production line, fully capable of meeting the needs of different customers.
  • How can I get samples to confirm your quality?

    We regularly participate in exhibitions. Customers can visit the exhibition to learn about the quality of our products, or we can mail samples to customers for confirmation for free. Customers are also very welcome to visit our factory for guidance.
  • What is the difference between aluminum mirror, copper-free mirror and silver mirror?

    Technically speaking, ordinary silver mirrors contain copper, lead and other elements in the coating, which are prone to mildew and black spots; aluminum mirrors have poor reflectivity and tend to be blurred, except for ordinary silver mirrors. And twisted.
    Bronze-free mirrors (commonly known as environmental protection mirrors) do not contain copper, lead and other elements inside. They are environmentally friendly and have clear mirroring. There is no weakness of ordinary silver mirrors and aluminum mirrors. Therefore, high-end lighting, bathroom, furniture, etc. are recommended to use copper-free mirrors. Common For furniture (such as wardrobes, etc.), buildings, etc., ordinary silver mirrors are recommended.

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