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Jiangmen Huafa Mirror Co., Ltd., located in 15# Dongmu Rd, Jianghai District, Jiangmen, Guangdong, China, is specialized in the copper-free silver mirrors with various colours, antique mirrors, silver mirrors, colored mirrors, black painted mirrors, deep processing of glass products and whole sale of glass. Our products cover the market all over the world, as well as China.  They are widely used in the high grade furniture, construction, decoration, and art glass , etc.


We  insist on the principle “ Quality first , Prestige the most important” . Our products are mainly sold to UK, Europe, America as well as Dubai and hot sold in mainland China.

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Antique mirror

Copper free silver mirror

Wall mirror

Colored mirror

Mirrored furniture

Decomposition diagram of new-generation high-performance copper-free environment-friendly mirror

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Huafa's new generation of copper-free and lead-free environmental protection mirrors are based on the traditional silver mirror technology, adding hypersensitization and passivation processes, and using new epoxy paints

Features of the epoxy copper free silver mirror

Copper free
Lead free
Environmental friendly
Low VOC in the epoxy mirror back
Strong adhesion of silver layer
High acid/alkaline resistance and strong performance inCASS test
High hardness, which will ensure the mirror much beter scratch resistance
High reflectivity


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